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Complete Carpet Cleaning Services in Brighton

Do you feel like your carpets have faded over time and need professional cleaning? You can count on us when you want to restore the beauty of your plush carpets and rugs. About Cleaning Solutions is a reliable carpet cleaning company in Brighton. With our expert services, you can welcome your guests to a clean and aesthetically pleasing home or office.

We provide advanced housekeeping services for a variety of rugs and fabric-covered floorings. With a team of experts, we remove ground-in dirt and stubborn stains at the most competitive prices! Our carpet cleaning solutions give your property well-presented and clean interiors. Moreover, these services extend the life of your pristine rugs. Our usual carpet cleaning process involves:

  • Prep work: We start with inspecting the carpet for its make and existing condition. Depending on the type of carpet, our cleaners determine whether the fabric needs to be pre-treated.

  • Vacuuming: In the next step, our skilled cleaners use a vacuum to remove dirt from the rugs.

  • Spot treatment: For treating existing stains or spots on the carpet, our team uses special cleaning solutions. The stain-fighting formula loosens dirt from the fabric.

  •  Drying: Lastly, when we are happy with the cleaning, we leave the carpet to dry.

Here are some salient features of our carpet cleaning services include:

  • Less Water Usage: Using the latest tools, we consume less water for our services when compared to traditional methods. Our team makes your carpets as clean as possible with minimal water usage, limiting VOCs.

  • Elderly, Children, and Pet-friendly: Our services remove mould and mildew to support a healthy indoor environment. The eco-friendly products do not leave behind harmful residues, ensuring your carpet is safe for you and your family.

  • Minimises Resoiling: The advanced cleaning methods minimise future soiling. Also, our expert cleaning techniques extend the rug’s life.

Office Cleaning in Brighton: Maintain a Professional Environment

A clean office leaves a positive impression on employees, clients, and visitors. It helps improve employee health, prevent illnesses, and boost company morale. Getting your office space cleaned is highly important and needs to be done regularly. For top-notch housekeeping services for your office, you have us. We provide quality office cleaning services for your commercial space in Brighton. Our team helps you maintain a hygienic environment for your office and business area.

Although offices are built in multiple designs, they all have common cleaning problems. Our team brings complete office and commercial housekeeping solutions to suit your needs. With our cleaning team, we can discretely tidy up your space without disrupting the daily operations. Additionally, they use eco-friendly products and advanced equipment to deliver exceptional results.

Our team disinfects high-touch surfaces and vacuums the carpet to improve indoor air quality. At About Cleaning Solutions, we follow standard practices for spot-free and sanitised premises. Here’s what our office cleaning services include:

  • Emptying bins and general cleaning: Our team starts with picking up rubbish from the floor or on desks. Once the trash is removed, they clean, mop, and vacuum the surface. Expert cleaners pay close attention to coffee spills or smudges on the glass, ensuring no spots are left uncleaned. Our professionals do not move things around while wiping down a work desk. This means paperwork, books, etc., will stay in place.

  • Focus on high-touch points: We thoroughly clean the high-touch points to prevent the spread of diseases and germs. The professionals use advanced cleaning solutions to disinfect such points as doorknobs, switches, etc.

  • Carpet and windows deep cleaning: Our well-trained cleaners spot vacuum the visibly dirty office areas. It includes high-traffic areas, desks, chairs, and more.  Furthermore, we vacuum the entire office for a more detailed cleaning.

  • Mopping: Lastly, we mop the floor from edge to edge, corner to corner. Our cleaners scrub the stubborn stains, giving the floors their shine back

  • Reorganisation: Along with cleaning your property, we organise and reorganise the area before and after cleaning.

Customised Commercial Cleaning Services in Brighton

With extensive experience in commercial cleaning services, we can help you maintain clean and hygienic space. Our team follows standard industrial practices for exceptional results. Whether you need regular cleaning services or a comprehensive package, we can provide a custom solution.

You can hire us for flat rates to get your space cleaned as per daily or weekly requirements. The team can accommodate your sanitisation and hygiene requirements, creating a tailored plan for you. You can upgrade to daily cleaning, including dusting and mopping the table and floor daily, with a weekly deep clean.

Choose our reliable services and experience the difference – we offer customised commercial cleaning services for

  • Corporate offices

  • Commercial centres

  • Schools

  • Industrial buildings and so on

Secure Your Bond Return With Our End of Lease Cleaning in Brighton

Are you moving out of your rental property? Among many things, you have to pay special attention to end of lease cleaning. When you move out of your rented property, you need to hand it over in proper condition to get the bond back. Our team takes the burden off your shoulders and ensures a stress-free transition.

We deep clean your home, with close attention to bathroom and cooking spaces. Our experienced team and comprehensive methods ensure you get clean property. Moreover, our lease cleaners use top-notch sanitisation products, leaving every corner spotless.

At About Cleaning Solutions, we can work on a cleaning checklist by your landlord or create a custom one based on the requirements. Our move-out apartment maintenance service thoroughly cleans the whole vacated property. The cleaners carefully inspect every nook and cranny of the home for a spotless environment.

Our end of lease cleaning services include:

  • Kitchen Cleaning: We start with cleaning the counters and cabinets, along with the sink and backsplashes. Our team pays close attention to the greasy stovetops, the underside of the rangehood, and exhaust fans. While working in the kitchen, our professionals use gentle cleaners to wipe cupboard exteriors, polish stainless steel surfaces, and dust the countertops.

  • Bedrooms/Living Areas: Our experienced cleaners mop the floors and thoroughly clean the inside of all drawers and cabinets.

  • All Areas: We start with lightly tidying up the space, and removing waste from home. Our cleaners remove cobwebs from the high ceilings and they empty bins. Additionally, they dust the skirting boards, window sills, and all other reachable surfaces.

You can talk to our team for add-on services during the end of lease cleaning. We are a trusted name in the industry, offering complete cleaning services to meet your needs. From bedrooms and bathrooms to living areas, we can handle it all.

Get a Free Quote on House Cleaning Services in Caulfield

Regular house cleaning is essential to maintain a healthy life. However, when you are too busy or tired to get your home back in shape, you need specialists like us. We offer complete solutions for your property, no matter the size. Our customers trust us because we provide:

  • Professional Experience: Our team consists of experienced cleaning professionals. They have the necessary knowledge and skills for comprehensive home or commercial cleaning.

  • On-time Service: We bring you on-time services to avoid unnecessary delays. Our team reaches your property at a pre-scheduled time, cleans the area, and discreetly moves out with minimal disruption.

  • Quality Cleaning Tools: We specialise in using advanced cleaning tools and ensure your facility is always spotless and germ-free.

  • Fast and Convenient Booking: You can book your appointments or get a free quote for our house cleaning services via phone or email.

  • Customer Service: Our team listens to your needs and offers suitable solutions accordingly.

  • Eco-friendliness: We use eco-friendly products for removing stains and dirt from the property.

About Cleaning Solutions brings you complete office or house cleaning services in Brighton. For free quotes or other enquiries, reach out to us on 0450 755 263 or you can email us at Also, you can visit us at 555A North Rd, Ormond VIC 3204 to meet our women-operated cleaning team.

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